Success Stories

Look At Us provided our Haitian Director, Sam, with a life changing surgery. This burn scar reconstruction relieves 20 years of suffering, pain and disfigurement.
Look At Us loves our families in Ecuador! We are thrilled to provide three BAHAs to these children. These efforts are never mine alone. Thank you to our supporters!
Congratulations Natalia on your new BAHA 5. Look At Us Mexico is so happy to assist you! Over the last few years our supporters have allowed us to provide care in over a 20 countries. Helping the impoverished and the most vulnerable children on earth.
Sweet Nyah has faced incredible challenges in her first seven years of life. The love, grace and positive attitude in which the whole family lives each day is a lesson for us all. Nyah might be little, but she is making a big impact helping others who are far less fortunate.
Look At Us loves our families in Mexico! Thank you to our supporters for allowing us to assist these amazing children! Special thanks to Manuel Padilla, Jennifer Escoria and Cynthia Cardenas!
Look At Us is pleased to partner with the Smile Foundation to support children and families with craniofacial anomalies.
Partnership with Give an Ear Foundation in S. Africa!  Congratulations Victor!!!
Look At Us partnered with Indonesia Rare Disorders to donate a BAHA 5 to Lovely. 
Look At Us donated two dozen hearing aids to Dr Pablo in Cuenca Ecuador!
One more sweet baby will hear. This is big, huge! Thank you Look At Us! 
Look At Us loves Khamden. He is a smart and active little boy with a bright future. We have your back, buddy!
Valentina is hearing normally for the very first time! In Mexico, Bone Conduction Aids can cost up to twice as much as in the U.S. Thank you to our supporters and Cochlear for allowing us to assist children around the world. Later that day, Valentina’s surgeon overheard a few nurses in the elevator talking about a sweet little girl on the 3rd floor telling everyone that she can hear! Congratulations, Valentina!
Look At Us provided Annie with two aids.  She in turn helped Matias’s family fly to Mexico City for a surgical conference and receive a BAHA.  Thank you Annie for paying it forward!
Look At Us has once again partnered with Ghana Make A Difference ( to provide hearing for two beautiful children! 
Congratulations Iker! Look At Us is so pleased to provide you the miracle of hearing! We love you!
Look At Us loves our new friend, Maria Fernanda! We are thankful to our supporters! Their generosity allowed us to provide her a BAHA. She is so happy to be able to hear!
Look At Us loved participating in the Ecuador Microtia Atresia conference! Thank you Maria Cristina, Dr Roberson and Dr Reinisch!
Merry Christmas Jesus! Jesus has Bilateral Microtia/Atresia. Look At Us is so pleased to provide him a BAHA allowing him to hear!
“Love, gratitude, kindness, inclusiveness, reality, trust, friendship… thank you, Rob and family, Manuel,, National Association of Treacher Collins Syndrome LIAM Mexico for the donation of a Baha so that Matias can hear. And thanks to the Congress of Microtia And Atresia Mexico for bringing us together.”
Look At Us has supported Tonalli’s family’s medical costs and tuition to a hearing impaired school.  
Danna can hear for the first time! 
Look At Us is so thankful to be able to assist our first child in Ukraine! Congratulations, Sasha! Welcome to the world of sound!
A year after Look At Us donated a BAHA to Melissa she is talking and doing fantastic!   
Look At Us donated two hearing aids to Island residents. 
“We can’t find the words to properly explain how grateful we are to have found Look At Us!  The change in Abby’s hearing is so obvious with the little BAHA! It’s just remarkable!”


“I hope and pray that you and your organization receive the best of everything.
Wow. I feel exhilarated by this. I can’t believe that Eshan will finally get his BAHA. Thank you for your kind heart to grant our application of Eshan’s request to have a BAHA. He has not experienced using BAHA since infancy and, as a TCS child, he has fully lost his hearing ability.
I am a non-working mother and my husband owns his own business, a retail shop. It is impossible to afford this device in Malaysia.”
“Thank you is very small word to express our feelings. We are totally impressed by what you did for us because I approached many in India for help but didn’t get any reply.
Thank you for the BAHA & lovely toy. I want to also say thanks to everyone who helped us connect with you and for this wonderful gift you sent my daughter. 
Thank you once again! May God fulfill your all requirements whatever you want in life and keep you always happy. You are doing great work.”
Look At Us is pleased to play a role in removing Leo’s tumor! He is doing great and the stitches come out this week! Dr. Riley did an amazing job. Thank you to all those that support these beautiful children.
Look At Us recently traveled to Mexico to counsel three families whose children have TCS. We provided them state-of-the-art hearing aids.  Little Angel heard for the first time!  Sofi continues to bloom socially and in school now that she can hear.  Beautiful Neyra is a wonderful role model for all teenagers and adults!  Look At Us continues to develop a larger community of care in developing countries!
“Good day, and may God bless your life and your existence! There’s no earthly words to express our gratitude and happiness – very very happy…. We have a new daughter… Every day my daughter surprises us with what she is capable of hearing. I can’t help my tears every time she discovers new sounds. There’s no more to say but a huge thank you!!!!!”
Juany M.
Look At Us is privileged to meet and counsel hundreds of families from all over the world.  Every story is unique, but similar in the hopes, fears and aspirations for their children.
“Thank you Look At Us for allowing our daughter, Sofi, to hear well for the first time!  She loves her BAHA!  We can’t believe your organization cared enough about our little girl!”
Congratulations Melissa!  We are so pleased to provide you a new BAHA 4!  We love your family!
Melissa is two years old and has never had a proper hearing aid. In Mexico, these devices can cost up to $12,000.  Look At Us is committed to helping children like Melissa receive the gift of hearing. 
“Thank you Look At Us for supporting our little boy!  Julian is flying high after Dr. Roberson successfully created an ear canal!  This state of the art procedure has allowed Julian to hear normally for the very first time in his life!  His face is adorable now when he picks up a sound that he couldn’t previously hear. He dances and giggles to music blasting when walking by a store, and he is mesmerized by the sound of the ocean (still makes me tear up to watch him listen). It is very exciting for him, but also for us to witness. The surgeon predicts that after his future 2 surgeries, Julian will need NO hearing aid of any kind. As his mother, I can’t even personally fathom that kind of a miracle, but I can’t wait to continue on the journey to find out. “
Lisa (Julian’s Mother)
Look At Us is pleased to be able to fund Lisa’s ear reconstruction surgery. Our generous donors allowed Lisa to successfully undergo a 12-hour operation to remove a poorly constructed ear that was in the wrong location and replace it with a beautiful one.  Thank you Dr. Reinisch for your skill and generosity. 
“Jay-Dee has never learned to talk due to never having an operational hearing aids.  Now he has a state of the art hearing device with all accessories. There are no words to explain how we are feeling…    An act of kindness changed Jay-Dee’s life and future, thanks again Look At Us Alliance.” – Heidi
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“Zackary’s very own BAHA!!!  These extremely pricey bone-anchored hearing aids – which Zack wears on a soft elastic headband – are currently not funded for children under the age of 5-8 years in Australia with Bi-lateral Microtia/Atresia.  So this gift is amazing and means a lot to us! The information received to a child’s brain in the early years is crucial to their development.  I can’t believe it’s his!!!
We are EXTREMELY grateful and give HUGE thanks to Look At Us. We are very proud to be a part of this Alliance and are feeling first hand the life changing opportunity it gives to children around the world.” – Sarah
“Thank you and Look At Us for your generous support of our son. Your organization enabled us to get a state of the art, low radiation catscan locally.  And, you have provided us with the best contacts in the field. We are so thankful for your guidance and support. We are excited to find out if Jonah is a good candidate for the ear reconstruction journey.” – Alisa
Look At Us distributed two dozen hearing aids to children in need in on their recent trip to Mexico City.
Look At Us helped 10-year-old Zachary receive a critical jaw distraction surgery allowing him to breathe and sleep properly.
“Thank you Look at Us for helping give the gift of hearing to Aaliyah. On November 26 Aaliyah had Atresia repair with Dr . Roberson, giving her bilateral hearing for the first time! Six weeks post atresia repair and the smile says it all!!!! So excited to have spent her first Christmas not having to wear a hearing aid!! Thank You!!!!” – Amy 

Such an inspirational organization! How thrilling it is to witness the huge impact you have on such beautiful souls. Your gift, improving the quality of life, must take many hands (which makes light work) and is something that is appreciated not only by the recipient but the world of lives they touch (families, teachers, care givers, friends, etc. ). Thank you for being there to organize and disperse such joy.


I’m really glad you started your non profit. There are craniofacial foundations that help with travel and lodging but only one other for the actual medical expenses. My daughter, Ashley (age 10), has Apert, Hydrocephalus and Chiari with hearing loss. She just had her 30th surgery in May. The first 2 years we had $180,000 in out-of-pocket copays. Insanity. I was fortunate to get her on our state’s medically needy program as a secondary but in 2010 they changed the requirements and now it’s almost impossible to get on.

Just wanted to say keep up the good work.


When I heard you talking about your son, I became so emotional. I realize how difficult is to accept the problem, but I found that Leslie is a blessing in my life. All that I want is to give her the hope of hearing my voice telling her “I love you.”