+Plus Another

Need to raise money for your child’s care and also want to help others, but don’t know where to start?

Look At Us has a solution. We can assist you through our +Plus Another program. Families are able to raise funds for their child and also participate in a surgery or provide a hearing aid for someone else using the non-profit status of Look At Us. It allows individual donors and corporate partners to make tax deductible donations. Unlike other crowd fundraising sites, which have the emphasis on ME, +Plus Another helps YOU pay it forward to another family.
We will assist you in planning your own fundraising campaign that leverages our organization’s track record of success and tax exempt status.
Unique to Look At Us, +Plus Another ensures a portion of every dollar raised will go towards helping another child somewhere in the world who would otherwise go without care.
Join our alliance and become a part of a hub of inspiration, empowerment and hope. 
Together we CAN Create a Broader Community of Care. If there is always +Plus Another, paying it forward never ends.
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