Frequently Asked Questions

How much of my donation goes directly to the children’s care?

More than 90%! LAU has made it a goal that 90 cents of every dollar will go to fund patient surgeries and medical care. We are a lean, but certainly not mean organization, with overhead kept as low as possible.

Do you give donations directly to the families?

No. All grants are paid directly to the families’ health care providers and vendors. This ensures that 100% of all grants go towards the intended care.

How can you be sure these families are really in need of financial support?

All families are required to complete an application and provide proof of financial need. In many instances, families are referred by physicians who have also verified their circumstances.

What is the purpose of the psychological support page on the site?

Surgically repairing a craniofacial anomaly is just one step towards raising a child that’s healthy and confident. Associated psychological and emotional issues must be considered too, and it’s important to care for the whole child. Towards that end, Look At Us has contracted with Dr. Kimberley Taylor, Psy.D., to help address the psychological aspects of rearing a child with special needs. Dr. Taylor also tackles self-esteem issues, and the emotional struggles of impacted parents.

What else can I do to help?

We are glad you asked! Click here to find out.

Are the children on the website the only ones you are assisting?

No. The families whose children are featured on the site are just some of those we are helping. The families of children representing our Urgent Causes have given their express written consent to highlight their stories, promote awareness, and solicit donations. Look At Us is here to serve others in similar circumstances as well.

Does Look At Us give medical, financial or insurance advice?

No. Please see our Legal Disclaimer.

Do recipients have to use the Physicians that are highlighted on your site?

No. We do not encourage or endorse any specific facility, procedure or physician. Please see our Legal Disclaimer.

Why do you provide links to other “competitor” organizations?

Look At Us understands that other similarly situated organizations may present different strengths and services to families in need of support and hope. We all benefit from shining a light on these groups. 

Why don’t some surgeons take insurance?

This is due to declining payments from insurance companies; however, members of our alliance are not only some of the world’s best physicians, but also are extremely philanthropic. They donate large amounts of their skill, time and resources to our cause. LAU will not align with any professional unwilling to contribute in a significant way.