Look At Us is a non-profit advocacy

group making a profound impact

on the lives of families touched

by craniofacial differences.

Funding reconstruction surgeries and providing

bone conduction hearing aids to children in need.



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"I get tears thinking about the moment

my baby was born. I was in shock by

what the doctors said about his future,

and I became defensive and so very

protective of him. But no matter what

I was told, I had faith that he would be

okay. And he will."

Treacher Collins Syndrome)

~ Sarah (mother of a child with

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1 in 500 children worldwide are born with a congenital birth anomaly.


Look At Us relies solely upon

the generosity of its donors

- corporations, foundations and

people like you - to fund

You must watch this powerful video of Esther showing how the gift of hearing transforms her life. 

Damir stops screaming as soon as he hears for the first time! Welcome to the world of sound! Amazing to watch!

Our Story

The catalyst for Look At Us dates back to the summer of 2002, when our son Robert was born with severe craniofacial differences. What should’ve been the most joyous occasion for my wife Jennifer and me became shrouded by worry, confusion and – truth be told – fear the moment an obstetrics nurse placed our precious newborn into my hands early on a July morning.  Learn more

Our Alliance

Look At Us has in place an alliance of the world’s most outstanding doctors – surgeons, pediatricians, ENT’s – other ancillary providers (including psychologists, occupational therapists and orthodontists), like-minded organizations and donors all assembled to educate, support, counsel and care for craniofacial patients and their families.

To further our mission to be unrelenting in our support of those who suffer from craniofacial differences, Look At Us will work with our alliance to fund direct patient care; to educate and advocate for those with differences; and to provide hearing tests, aids and other medical devices to those who cannot afford them.