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Rob Williams would be honored to share his powerful story and details about how Look At Us Alliance is changing lives and supporting families.

Rob’s presentations are appropriate for:

  1. Look At Us Fundraisers (hosted by individuals)
  2. Corporate Functions
  3. Service Organization Functions
  4. Government Functions
  5. Medical Seminars
  6. Private Club Gatherings

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It is great that people like you come to Mexico telling your experience and willing to help. This is something our modern world does not see everyday.”


I listened to your talk on Mexico City and was very touched by your words. I truly admire what you are doing with your kid, as well as your work for others. I have a daughter with bilateral microtia and atresia.

I want to tell you I really admire your work. As you said, this has made me a much better person, amongst other things. I always thought what would be my legacy to society. I now know I have to work hard to help other people. Maybe at first just sharing my experience and giving support.

Both you and your wife are great persons. God bless you!

Vane (father of Samantha)